Manufacturers’ Perspectives on Modernizing with Edge Computing and 5G eBook

The use cases behind today’s success stories in edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI) models and 5G connectivity are as varied as manufacturing subsectors, but themes are emerging: Connected worker, overall equipment effectiveness, predictive maintenance, production quality, yield optimization, enhanced logistics, production optimization and digital twins are among the most common manufacturing edge use cases.

Edge computing with AI and streaming data analytics is increasingly deployed for use cases such as predictive maintenance, computer vision, production quality and digital twins, all of which require analyzing vast volumes of multi-dimensional data such as images, audio and sensor readings from connected devices and equipment and other assets.

In this eBook by Dell Technologies Solutions with Intel®, you'll learn how manufacturing enterprises can accelerate edge computing initiatives enabled by 5G, streaming data analytics and AI to:
- Capitalize on production data by driving better real-time equipment effectiveness and efficiencies.
- Integrate new edge infrastructure easily with existing brownfield and new manufacturing and control systems.
- Secure data, workloads and IT infrastructure for manufacturing operations.
- Scale-edge solutions to advance manufacturing outcomes across local, regional and global operations.

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